Winnipeg Interpretation Company Offers IMMEDIATE And Free Language Support For Ukrainian Newcomers

Maureen Mitchells News

WINNIPEG, Manitoba:  CanTalk, a fully integrated language service centre located at 250-70 Arthur St. in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, is proud to be offering a new temporary service: Free language support for Ukrainian newcomers.  In light of the ongoing mass refugee crisis in the Ukraine, CanTalk’s expertise in immediate language interpretation is a welcome tool for people and agencies helping to support displaced individuals and families.  


For the past twenty-five years, CanTalk has been refining its language services to reflect the needs of individuals, businesses, industries, and populations around the globe.  Offering services in more than two hundred languages (Ukrainian among them), the agency has been recognized nationally and internationally for its cutting-edge language technology.  The company has built an outstanding reputation for integrated interpretation, translation, and localization services and one of its most in-demand offerings is Immediate Over-the-Phone Interpretation, which can connect clients with an interpreter in less than one minute, at need.  


For people displaced from the Ukraine (whether in Canada, the Ukraine itself, or countries surrounding the Ukraine), immediate access to high quality interpretive services can be incredibly impactful—even life-changing.  If you’re working in any capacity where Ukrainian language support is required, simply call CanTalk to register your interest in having this service.  CanTalk will provide up to 250 minutes of free language support and is offering this service for the next six months.  


Maureen Mitchells, the founder and owner of CanTalk, is grateful to be in a position where her company can make a concrete contribution to supporting Ukrainian refugees and newcomers.  In her own words, “The scenes of Ukrainian mass refugee movement driven by the despair of an unprovoked war under deplorable conditions, compels our collective humanitarian will, to do something—to help, to raise hope, to go beyond, to not idly watch!”


For more information about CanTalk and the services it provides, visit  


For details about how to access free Ukrainian language services, visit CanTalk-Canada-Inc.-Offer-of-Language-Assistance_Canada-Revised-Oct-2022.pdf 


OR Please Call: 1-833-215-0586