Vancouver’s amazing cultural diversity places it at the crossroads of languages in Canada. Of the nearly 200 mother-tongue languages spoken across Canada, 191 can be heard in the living rooms and kitchens of Vancouver creating a large demand for language services from local businesses and organizations. And that number continues to grow!

“We’re seeing more immigrants come to Canada from diverse backgrounds, than we have for many years,” reports the director general at Statistics Canada. “This represents the second-highest proportion in the country with 712,000 people speaking an immigrant language most often at home.”

CanTalk (Canada) Inc. provides both immediate over the phone language services in Vancouver and inbound/outbound language customer service programs 24/7/365, as well as translation. These services are customized to regional demographics and multi ethnic market bases.

Interpretation and Translation Over the Phone Services Vancouver


As a Canadian company with over 25 years experience, CanTalk is regarded as one of the best rapid language service providers in the country, guiding businesses with large or small scale language programs in support of multi ethic population bases.

The diverse range of languages spoken on the west coast, make it essential to hire the most experienced and qualified language company for the Vancouver market. With a secure and solid technology backbone and rigorous data security provisions, CanTalk’s language certified specialists are available 24/7 by phone, smart device, or laptop, to over 200 languages and dialects – most in less than a minute. Translations are completed within hours or days, dependent upon the client’s requirements.

The following are areas we commonly provide language services in Vancouver and across Canada for businesses and organizations 


Common Languages Serviced in Vancouver


CanTalk’s experience providing language support in Vancouver to governments and private organizations indicate nearly 58 per cent of those who communicate using language support services speak one of four languages: Punjabi, Cantonese, a non-specified Chinese dialect or Mandarin.

In addition, we commonly also provide services in the following languages: Punjabi, German, Tagalog, French, Korean, Spanish, Farsi, and as part of the invigorating revitalization of Indigenous languages, makes those languages available as well.

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