The role of translators in cyber security

The Role Of Translators In Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity, the practice of defending critical systems and sensitive information from malicious attacks, has become an increasingly prevalent topic in recent years. From security breaches at various levels of government and the leaking of confidential data from major global corporations right down to ransomware being used against small local businesses and individuals on every continent, cyber attacks regularly make headlines. A broad spectrum of industries, organizations, and entities are deeply invested in preventing and fighting them.

At first glance, the connection between translation services and cybersecurity may not be immediately apparent. But upon a little digging, the relationship between these two disciplines becomes evident. High-quality language services are fundamental to the ongoing battle to protect computers and mobile devices, servers, data, networks, and other electronic systems from potentially devastating threats. Moreover, they are critical to facilitating timely and accurate communications between cybersecurity experts who speak in different native languages.

At CanTalk, our network of translators and interpreters are positioned to assist in cybersecurity efforts and responses. Below, we’ve provided an overview of how qualified and experienced translators are critical within the cybersecurity industry and why CanTalk, in particular, is directing language support to help fortify cybersecurity protection plans.

Cyber Attacks Are a Continuous Global Threat

Are you aware that the global average cost of a data breach in 2023 is 4.45 million USD? Or that this number represents a 15% increase over the past 3 years? These staggering statistics provided by IBM underscore the incredible financial burden inherent in cyber attacks. But they don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to quantifying the emotional devastation and professional or personal damages and losses that can also accompany them.

66% of businesses around the globe report that they have experienced some form of cyber attack in the past year, which speaks further to the incredible need for effective cybersecurity solutions. That being said, cybersecurity solutions are only as robust as the sum total of their various parts. At CanTalk, we take great pride in providing superior language and translation services to support a wide range of different cybersecurity efforts.

What exactly does this mean in practice? Let’s take a closer look:

The Role Translators Play in the Cybersecurity Realm

User Interface Translation

The term user interface describes the communication and points of interaction between a human and a computer, mobile device, app, or other digital system. In simple terms, the menus, icons, and setting and control features on your desktop all represent user interface components. It’s how you navigate your computer (or other device) and, more importantly, provides the framework within which you decide what to click or engage with.

It’s not hard to see how meticulous translation services play a key role in creating effective user interfaces for language speakers around the globe. Accurately translated user interface features allow technology users of any linguistic background to navigate and use their various digital devices with confidence. But there’s more to it than that.

Unfortunately, malicious attackers are always looking for ways to take advantage of unsuspecting technology users, and interface elements can provide a means. When the translation of user interface elements isn’t clear, technology users are more likely to be easily confused and inadvertently lured into engaging in phishing schemes or other cyber attacks.

Accurate Translation of Critical Texts

Anti-virus software and other digital security systems safeguard against cyber attacks and warn potential victims of digital threats and unsafe environments. But security software can only be optimally effective in mitigating cybersecurity threats when users can fully understand its critical texts in their own language (warning messages, instructions, emails, attachments, updates, etc.).

High-quality translation services help individuals and organizations trust, understand, and respond appropriately to security protocols provided by dedicated cybersecurity software and within browsers, on websites, and in other programs and applications.

Facilitating Communication Among Cybersecurity Experts

Communication between cybersecurity experts from around the globe is most effective when human translators break down foreign language barriers. Indeed, when a digital security breach occurs, high-quality, experienced translators are often vital in allowing collaborative efforts and the accurate and prompt dissemination of critical information to take place. From the translation of technical documents to immediate live interpretive services, there are many ways in which language translators support cybersecurity efforts and remove communication barriers.

Data Privacy and Protection

Translation projects often involve access to private, secure, or otherwise sensitive data (client information, business plans, legal documents, etc.) and language service centres are responsible for ensuring that such data remains 100% safe and secure from threats and breaches. At CanTalk, we are deeply committed to safeguarding client information. Our single-point service location and primary delivery architecture, combined with the fact that all CanTalk systems are housed behind multiple hardware firewalls with strictly controlled access, guarantees an extremely high level of security for our clients. Learn more about CanTalk’s security and confidentiality services here.

Also relevant is the reality that professional translators are well-positioned to recognize any subtle inconsistencies or breaches in client data that might indicate a cybersecurity threat or attack. Often, translators may identify potential concerns that others were previously unaware of because the nature of translation work is to carefully comb through texts and information in their original language.

Where CanTalk Comes In

With more than 25 years of excellence in the local, national, and international language services industry, CanTalk is a leading provider of high-quality translation and interpretive services. Offering a wide range of services, including superior text translation, immediate over-the-phone interpretation, and call centre services, we are dedicated to securely safeguarding our clients’ data and supporting cybersecurity efforts in various ways. 

Ready to find out how CanTalk can best support your cybersecurity needs? Contact our team directly today!