CanTalk’s proprietary advanced scheduling and forecasting engine ensures qualified interpreters and translators are standing by to assist you and your customers 24/7/365.

We can forecast volumes three months in advance with only a small margin of error.This coupled with a “failsafe” scheduling model can manage sudden peaks and valleys, as well as ramp up in response to unexpected surges in volumes and languages.

CanTalk’s multi-channel call centre is a clustered environment allowing for full load balancing and server redundancy. CanTalk’s IT can adjust balances in the ebb and flow of call volumes.

When your company experiences exponential growth, we can easily add more servers to accommodate volumes.

Through leveraging our unified telecom platform, local DID and toll-free numbers can be quickly assigned to meet your needs.

CanTalk utilizes multiple telecom providers which allow for segmentation of traffic across multiple providers with additional capacity being available within 24 hours.

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