Customized to the client … what you can expect

CanTalk’s services are tailored to your needs - carefully managed and responsive to your current, and future business objectives.

New client activities include initial “needs analysis” and implementation plan, service levels guarantees, technology business integration, recruitment and training, report requirements, value add service considerations or special need programs.

CanTalk offers personal support to clients including in-house assistance and 24 hour technical help.

Where service issues are identified, responsive personnel quickly implement solutions. Customized reports and standard call detail reports provide an itemized customer service history.

Additional support services

CanTalk offers a full range of customer support services:

account management

fulfillment and new product launch

database management tools

customized reports and billable CDRs

front line call trending and marketing data


Quality processes mean better results

CanTalk takes a proactive approach to call quality, and ensures a quick response to a client’s changing needs.

From the onset, a process of call monitoring with an immediate feedback system is implemented.

Calls are monitored in real time by quality supervisors, and any difficulties which may emerge. Scores for each call are tracked and continuous improvement teams review process and track success, as well as upgrading the performance standards in concert with client requirements.

CanTalk captures details such as:

Which language is required most often?

Is that language required more often during a specific time of the day, the week or the month?

Training and quality management

CanTalk’s customer contact team reviews your prescribed product/service training program with you, to ensure that we meet your standards of performance.

Through continuous automated and personal measurement, as well as customized quality assurance programs, our team studies your data and supporting information, making recommendations to create continuity in customer experience.

CanTalk believes that quality is delivering on what has been determined and designed. This is achieved by monitoring calls, evaluating results and working with our clients to adjust our service to achieve their business needs.

QA specialists monitor live and recently recorded agent calls.

The quality observation form is a web-based tool used to capture all relevant scoring data. This data is stored on a SQL server and has a wide range of reporting abilities.

Clients can also monitor live calls remotely, or recently recorded calls via the Internet.

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