Vietnamese Translation Services

With more than 80 million native speakers, Vietnamese is a unique language that’s represented around the globe. Influenced by Chinese and French alike, it’s spoken in six distinct tones and is one of the few Asian languages written in Latin-based script. Vietnamese has three main dialects that correspond to the three geographical regions of Vietnam (northern, central, and southern). While the dialects are mutually intelligible, their pronunciation, vocabulary, and cultural reference points may vary substantially.

Translating effectively from English to Vietnamese (and vice versa) requires a great deal of skill, knowledge, and experience. The two languages are extremely dissimilar, and only a translator with a superior mastery of both will be able to express and localize communications so they resonate naturally with the target audience. Among other factors, Vietnamese is characterized by flexible phrasing and a complete lack of articles. It’s also heavily rooted in the culture and history of the Vietnamese people.

At CanTalk, our work is supported by a base of highly trained and experienced professional Vietnamese translators. Whether you’re looking for one-time Vietnamese translation services for an official document or transcript, seeking immediate interpretive services for an unfolding situation, or visioning a multi-faceted language project that will reach Vietnamese speakers through a variety of different channels over the long term, CanTalk can help.

Who We Are

For the past quarter of a century, CanTalk has been enhancing its IMMEDIATE customized language delivery services and is currently one of the leading integrated language service providers in North America. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, our translators are certified and available 24/7/365 days a year by phone, smart device, or laptop in over 220 languages and dialects—most in less than a minute. In addition to immediate language services, CanTalk also offers translation services that are localized and customized to regional demographics and multi-ethnic market bases.

CanTalk’s professional Vietnamese translators are highly certified and experienced. They must meet rigorous standards, undergo frequent professional development, and their work is regularly monitored by our quality assurance team to ensure consistency. If you’re seeking to seamlessly integrate Vietnamese language services into your workflow, CanTalk’s customized services will be the perfect fit.

Our Services & Expertise

CanTalk’s selection of language services can be adapted for any situation. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, contact us directly and we’ll work with you to create a customized solution that will meet your needs. Our standard services include:

Pricing & Turnaround Time

Contact CanTalk directly for a competitive pricing and timing quote for your specific language project. While we’re highly sensitive to the time constraints that often accompany language needs, we also understand that every project is unique and believe that every quote and time estimate should be as well.

In general, you can count on our immediate Vietnamese voice interpretive services being available in under a minute and our translation services taking anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the scope of the project at hand.


  • LegalMany of our professional Vietnamese translators possess expertise in legal assignments. From courtroom interpretation to the translation of legal documents and contracts, we can ensure legal language services that are accurate and precise.
  • MedicalWhen you or a loved one requires medical assistance, language barriers are the last thing you want to be worrying about. CanTalk’s immediate over-the-phone interpretive services can ensure communication that’s quick, smooth, and clear for all parties involved.
  • Financial – Translating financial documents into Vietnamese or accommodating Vietnamese-speaking guests at financial meetings, conferences, or presentations is well within the scope of CanTalk’s services. In addition, CanTalk’s superior closed-loop technology and internal server infrastructure help us maintain total control of our clients’ data.
  • Life Sciences – From academic research to industries such as medical technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare marketing, and more, Vietnamese language services can increase your collaboration and reach.
  • Entertainment – Broaden your audience with everything from voice-overs to live interpretation, script translation, Vietnamese subtitling, and more.
  • BusinessExpand into the Vietnamese-speaking marketplace with language services seamlessly tailored for meetings, phone calls, presentations, negotiations, and much more.
  • Hospitality & TravelFrom signage to website content and from audio tours to marketing, CanTalk’s Vietnamese language services can help your hospitality business draw in more clients.
  • GovernmentCanTalk has worked with many governments and government agencies providing a wide range of language services including for hiring, immigration, diplomatic projects, public messaging, and more.

Professional Vietnamese translation services can open up your industry to whole new collaborations and markets. Get in touch with us at CanTalk to find out how we can make your Vietnamese language vision a reality.

Vietnamese Translation Tips

Translation Text Expansion

When text is translated from English to Vietnamese, it typically expands by up to 30% (and contracts by an equal amount when translated from Vietnamese to English). This may have a bearing on projects where formatting is of concern, such as websites or brochures.

Popular Vietnamese Translation Words & Phrases

  • Xin chào (Sin chow) = Hello
  • Tạm biệt (Tarm Byeet) = Goodbye
  • Cảm on (kahm uhn) = Thank you
  • Vâng = Yes
  • Không = No

Vietnamese Language Facts

  • Vietnamese is spoken by more than 80 million people worldwide. It’s the official language of Vietnam and is also recognized as an official minority language in the Czech Republic, where there are more than 60,000 Vietnamese speakers.
  • Like Chinese, Vietnamese is a tonal language. Six distinct tones are recognized, and the same sentence said in a different tone may have a completely different meaning.
  • Vietnamese is influenced by both Chinese and French. More than 50% of the language’s vocabulary is rooted in Chinese, but food and fashion vocabulary is largely influenced by French.
  • The Vietnamese alphabet is Latin based. It has 29 letters but doesn’t include the letters F, J, W, or Z.
  • There is no universal word for you in Vietnamese. Instead, people are referred to by a variety of family-based names depending on their age and relationship to the speaker. For instance, an elderly woman might be addressed as Grandmother.

Varieties & Dialects

Though many variations of Vietnamese exist, its three main dialects correspond to the three major geographical regions of Vietnam: Northern Vietnamese, Central Vietnamese, and Southern Vietnamese. Northern Vietnamese, which is centred in Hanoi, is considered the most standard of the three dialects and is the most widely taught and spoken around the globe. Different Vietnamese dialects are mutually intelligible and vary primarily in pronunciation, with minor vocabulary differences as well.

An experienced Vietnamese translator will be able to localize communications based on the regional dialect and cultural touchpoints of the target audience.

Seeking to expand into the Vietnamese-speaking marketplace? CanTalk can help you reach your target audience with accuracy and expediency. Contact us today!