Ukrainian Translation Services

It is important to note, since the start of 2022, more than 132,000 Ukrainian nationals have entered Canada. Settlement agencies help them find housing, work, and schools but learning and becoming comfortable in English is one of the largest hurdles to overcome. 

Ukrainian is an East Slavic language of the Indo-European language family. Sharing a large percentage of its vocabulary with Belarusian, Polish, and Russian, it’s the official language of Ukraine and is also spoken throughout 9 other countries in the region. Quality Ukrainian language services are currently in high demand around the globe as many Ukrainians resettle in new communities as a result of the ongoing conflict at home.

At CanTalk, our skilled professional Ukrainian interpreters and translators are prepared to manage your Ukrainian language project, no matter its scope or size. As part of our effort to help newcomers settle into Canada, we are currently offering FREE free IMMEDIATE over the phone Ukrainian language services to individuals or organizations supporting displaced Ukrainian individuals and families.

Who We Are

As Canada’s premier Immediate and REAL time language service centre, CanTalk distinguishes itself in the following ways:

  • We have over 25 years of experience and are recognized nationally and internationally as leaders in the language services industry.
  • We provide services, including immediate real-time interpretation, in over 220 languages.
  • Our services are 90 percent HUMAN and personal in response, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Our cutting-edge language technology solutions allow you to seamlessly integrate language services at need.
  • Our superior safeguarding of client data means that you can confidently trust us with sensitive materials.

Our Services & Expertise

At CanTalk, we offer customized language service solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Some of our most popular services include:

Tell us about your Ukrainian language project needs and we’ll connect you with one of our certified, experienced, and quality assured language specialists.

Pricing & Turnaround Time

Every language is unique and so is every language project. For a customized and competitive quote on Ukrainian translation and interpretive services, contact us directly.


  • LegalMany of our Ukrainian translators and interpreters have expertise in the legal field. Trust us with your contracts, legal documents, court proceedings, and more.
  • MedicalWhen a loved one is in need, you want immediate language service that is accurate and reliable. CanTalk can provide it.
  • Financial – CanTalk’s translators regularly work with financial reports and documents. Consider an in-person Ukrainian interpreter for important presentations or client meetings.
  • Life Sciences – From pharmaceuticals to academic research, precise Ukrainian language services can help you build partnerships and connections in life science industries around the globe.
  • Entertainment – Reach Ukrainian audiences with voice-overs, subtitling, script translation, in-person interpretation, and more.
  • BusinessBuild partnerships and put clients at ease with integrated Ukrainian interpretive services. Our translation team can work with business documents of all types.
  • Hospitality & TravelFrom signage and audio tours to website development, connect with Ukrainian tourists to expand your hospitality or travel-based business.
  • GovernmentThere are innumerable demands for Ukrainian language services within governments and government agencies. CanTalk is well versed in such settings.

When it comes to Ukrainian language translation and interpretation, CanTalk offers precise, integrated solutions coupled with exceptional customer service. Find out more by contacting us directly!

Ukrainian Translation Tips

Translation Text Expansion

When translating from English to Ukrainian, it’s standard for texts to expand by approximately 20% due to the different alphabet and longer words and phrases. (If you’re translating from Ukrainian to English, similar text reduction should be expected.) While the length of the translated text doesn’t impact its meaning, it can be an important consideration for projects where design and formatting are of the essence.

Ukrainian Variations

Several Ukrainian dialects and varieties exist throughout Ukraine and other countries where Ukrainian is spoken. They include Northern dialects, Southeastern dialects, Southwestern dialects, and Rusyn (which is considered by some to be its own language). Any Ukrainian translation project should take into consideration the cultural and regional variations between different forms of the language. CanTalk can help.

Ukrainian Language Facts

  • More than 37 million people speak Ukrainian worldwide. It’s the official language of Ukraine and is spoken as a mother tongue in 9 other countries, including Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Lithuania.
  • The Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabet is very similar to the Russian alphabet, with just a few differing letters.
  • Ukrainian shares more than 80% of its vocabulary with Belarusian and 70% with Polish. It was indistinguishable from Belarusian until the 12th or 13th century.
  • The Ukrainian language has 6 vowels and 32 consonants. The letter P is the most commonly used letter in Ukrainian!
  • Budmo is the Ukrainian toast equivalent of cheers in English. It literally means let us be.

CanTalk can accommodate your Ukrainian language project, no matter its scope or complexity. For a customized quote, contact us directly today!