Russian Translation Services

Russian is a language deeply rooted in history and culture. With more than 164 million speakers worldwide, it includes many distinct accents and variations and is the seventh most spoken language on the planet. Aside from stretching across an enormous swath of Europe and Asia, the Russian marketplace is diverse and highly active. Large Russian-speaking communities exist in most European nations as well as around the globe.

If you’re looking for a Russian translation service, it‘s imperative to understand that translating from English to Russian (and vice versa) is a highly complex endeavour that involves skill, experience, and an incredible mastery of both languages. With different alphabets, grammatical systems, and vocabulary, Russian and English are extremely dissimilar, and the results of poorly executed translation services can be catastrophic. When considering prospective Russian translators, be sure they’re also sensitive to regional and cultural differences within localized Russian-speaking communities.

At CanTalk, our professional Russian translators are highly skilled and experienced. We are confident that our team can handle your Russian language project with precision and sensitivity, no matter its size or scope.

Who We Are

CanTalk is Canada’s premier integrated language service centre. Why? Here are a few of the reasons:

  • CanTalk has 25 years of experience in the language service industry.
  • We provide real-time language service in more than 200 languages and dialects.
  • Most of our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Our cutting-edge integrative language technologies, customization, and client security measures have been recognized nationally and internationally.
  • We help you seamlessly integrate language services into your industry.

Our Services & Expertise

At CanTalk, language services are our expertise, and we take immense pride in assisting people around the globe to communicate effectively, no matter the reason or context. CanTalk’s most popular services include Immediate Over-the-Phone Interpretation, Remote Video Interpretation (VRI), In-Person Interpretation, Translation Services, Remote Learning, Voice-Overs, Call Centre Services, and more.

Pricing & Turnaround Time

CanTalk’s pricing and turnaround times are competitive within the language services industry but reflect the unique specifications of each and every language project. For a customized quote, it’s best to contact us directly.


  • Legal Among CanTalk’s Russian translators and interpreters are many who specialize in legal work. They can assist with legal document translation or specialized legal services, including courtroom interpretation.
  • MedicalAvailable 24/7, CanTalk’s immediate Russian language healthcare support services can help patients and care providers in medical settings around the globe.  Our professional Russian translators regularly work with medical records and documents as well as providing support for appointments and emergency settings.
  • FinancialNeed financial documents translated or assistance communicating within financial settings? CanTalk can help.
  • Life SciencesProfessional Russian translations can be crucial for many life sciences industries, including pharmaceuticals, academic research, and medical development.
  • EntertainmentReach new audiences with Russian language services that include script translations, subtitling, voice-overs, and more.
  • BusinessMergers, meetings, conferences, presentations, and everyday business communications with customers can all be enhanced by CanTalk’s professional Russian language support (over the phone, over video, or in person) when you need it, where you need it and how you need it!
  • Hospitality & TravelMake your Russian guests feel right at home with high-quality written and spoken services.
  • GovernmentCanTalk has assisted many governments and government agencies with professional language services to help citizens abroad, to support newcomers in Canada, and much more.  Our professional Russian translators are regularly on the front lines providing assistance with programming, applications, and other everyday citizen services.

For certified Russian translation services that will help you reach a wider audience, contact CanTalk to discuss the specifics of your language project!

Russian Translation Tips

Translation Text Expansion

Text expansion occurs when translated text takes up more space than it did in its source language. It can be the result of differences in phrasing, grammar, sentence structure, and more, and must be taken into account for projects that involve specific formatting. When translating from English to Russian, text will expand by approximately 15%-20% (and will contract by about the same amount when translated from Russian to English).

Context Is Important

Russian is a highly contextual language. Essentially this means that the same word in English could have many different variations when translated into Russian. To help ensure that translation accuracy is as high as possible, it’s often helpful to provide your translator with specific contextual information. That way they can select precise Russian vocabulary to reflect your exact intent and meaning. CanTalk’s language team can advise you on what types of reference materials may best help you communicate context to your Russian language translator.

Russian Language Facts

  • With more than 164 million native speakers, Russian is the seventh most spoken language in the world.
  • Russian is an official language of four countries (Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan) and is spoken widely in large regions of many more eastern European nations.
  • Russian is one of the official languages of the International Space Station (English is the other).
  • Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet, which is derived from the Greek alphabet. The Cyrillic alphabet originated in Russia during the Middle Ages, after the adoption of Christianity.
  • Russian names include a first name, a family name, and a patronymic name. The patronymic name comes from the name of a person’s father and varies based on gender. Female patronymic names consist of the father’s name plus the suffix –ovna, while male patronymic names consist of the father’s name plus the suffix –ovich.

Russian Varieties & Dialects

Russian is spoken across a massive geographical area that encompasses many nations. Not surprisingly, there are many regional variations of Russian, which are broadly categorized into three major dialects—Northern, Southern, and Central. While most Russian dialects are mutually intelligible, it is still important to take regional differences and localization into consideration when hiring Russian translation services. Describe your target audience to CanTalk, and we’ll connect you with a suitable Russian translator who will ensure your final product is tailored accordingly.

Seeking professional Russian translators to help you expand into new marketplaces? CanTalk can help. Contact us today!