Portuguese Translation Services

You probably know that Portuguese is the official language of Portugal and Brazil. But did you know that 7 other nations throughout Asia, Central America, and even Africa claim Portuguese as an official language? After English, Portuguese is the most rapidly expanding European language worldwide, and more than 200 million people currently speak it as their native language (it’s the sixth most spoken language on the planet).

Clearly, Portuguese is a global language, and the Portuguese market is an important one to target if you want to expand your business. But you’ll need the assistance of professional, high-quality language services. With many regional variances and distinct dialects around the world, Portuguese translation must reflect an in-depth understanding of the vocabulary and culture of specific communities. Fortunately, CanTalk is up to the challenge.

Who We Are

Since 1995, CanTalk has been building its reputation as a fully integrated language service centre specializing in immediate, real-time, over-the-phone language and cultural services.  Customized, accurate, and reliable, our exceptional translation services provide clients with a great deal of flexibility.  CanTalk’s business to business (B to B) services are available in more than 220 languages and dialects, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  

Are you remotely located?  Our wide range of remote services brings high-quality Portuguese interpreters and translators to you no matter where you may be.  We also offer inbound multilingual call centre services appropriate for a variety of different service applications.  

CanTalk’s certified Portuguese translators and interpreters are professional and well-versed in the varied needs of different industries. Their work is overseen by our quality assurance team and they undergo regular training and quality testing. Hailing from many different countries and regions, our language service providers are prepared to provide English to Portuguese translation (or vice versa) that will resonate with your intended audience. At CanTalk, we’re well aware of the importance of connecting clients with interpreters and translators who understand how impactful the subtle nuances and details that distinguish different dialects can be.

Our Services & Expertise

Are you seeking a Portuguese translation agency that can help you to field survey responses from South America? Or maybe translate legal documents for a client from Mozambique? CanTalk will be delighted to help. Our most common Portuguese language services include, but are not limited to:

Pricing & Turnaround Time

The language services industry is largely based around efficient and timely delivery. CanTalk is well aware that your language needs are likely to be time-sensitive, and we will do our best to connect you with Portuguese translation services as rapidly as possible. In many cases, over-the-phone interpretation services can be accessed in less than one minute, while written translation services may require anywhere from a few hours to a few days. It’s always best to contact us as soon as possible with specific requests so that we can start working on getting you connected with one of our certified translators right away.

Because every situation is unique, it’s difficult to provide a set pricing menu for Portuguese translation service. That being said, CanTalk’s pricing is competitive within the language services industry (and also extremely high-quality). Reach out to us with your specific Portuguese language needs, and we’ll provide a free quote as quickly as possible.


Reaching a Portuguese audience is critical for many industries. Here are some examples of the industries that CanTalk’s certified translators support:

  • LegalAmongst CanTalk’s professional Portuguese translators are many who specialize in legal services. Language support with contracts, wills, real estate deals, legal Portuguese document translation, and court services are all available.
  • MedicalPortuguese medical translation services encompass everything from medical records and documents to life-or-death emergencies.  CanTalk’s professional team can accommodate your needs 24/7.  
  • Financial – In the financial world, an in-person Portuguese translator or interpreter can make all the difference during a presentation or meeting with an important client. Trust CanTalk for your financial interpretation and translation needs.
  • Life Sciences – Life science industries include pharmaceuticals, academic research, biotechnology, healthcare marketing, medical device development, and more. Trust CanTalk’s professional Portuguese translators to help you make in-roads with Portuguese-speaking colleagues and clients from around the globe.
  • Entertainment – CanTalk’s pool of talented Portuguese translators includes many who specialize in the entertainment industry. Consider options such as Portuguese subtitling, voice-overs, script translation, and more.
  • BusinessIn-person or video interpretation services can be a game-changer for business meetings and presentations, not to mention the important role Portuguese document translation could play in your next business deal. CanTalk can help.
  • Hospitality & TravelAttract more Portuguese-speaking customers by opening up their eyes to your hospitality or travel-related business!
  • GovernmentFrom website development to human relations, CanTalk has a lot of experience working with government agencies. Contact us to discuss your Portuguese translation needs.

Whether you’re looking for European Portuguese translation or are targeting the Brazilian Portuguese market, CanTalk’s professional language services will get you on track in no time. Contact us today!

Popular Portuguese Translation Words & Phrases

  • Olá = Hello
  • Tchau – Goodbye
  • Como está? = How are you?
  • Por favor = Please
  • Obrigado = Thank you
  • De nada = You’re welcome
  • Quanto custa? = How much does it cost?
  • Prazer = Nice to meet you
  • Me chamo… = My name is…

Portuguese Language Facts

  • Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language in the world. It’s an official language in 9 countries and has more than 200 million native speakers around the globe.
  • Portuguese is a Romance language. It spread across the world as Portugal expanded its colonial empire.
  • The letters K, W, and Y were only recently introduced to the Portuguese alphabet and only to write foreign words. These letters don’t exist in the traditional Portuguese language.
  • Portuguese is the second most rapidly growing European language in the world (English is the first).
  • There is no neutral form of Portuguese. European and South American dialects of the language vary significantly.

Portuguese is one of the most widespread and fastest-growing languages in the world. Capture the Portuguese market with outstanding translation services. Contact CanTalk today!