Japanese Translation Services

Though Japan is the only officially Japanese-speaking nation, the language’s global reach is extensive across many regions, markets, and industries. With more than 125 million speakers worldwide, Japanese is the 9th most spoken language on the planet and also one of the most complex. Three alphabets and multiple levels of formality (known as honorifics) are just two of the factors that distinguish Japanese from other languages. Also to be noted is the significant role that cultural customs and traditions play in language-based interactions. Sloppy or unskilled translation services can result in Japanese language communications that are clunky, disrespectful, or even unintelligible.

CanTalk has spent the past quarter of a century successfully connecting people and businesses both locally and around the globe. We understand the importance and impact of impeccable nuance and precision. From immediate over-the-phone interpretation to voice-overs or translation services, we’re confident that our extensive experience with Japanese language services will meet and exceed your standards no matter the circumstances.

Who We Are

Since 1995, CanTalk has been building its reputation as a fully integrated language service centre.  Today, we specialize in immediate, real-time language and cultural services in 220+ languages and dialects, Japanese among them.  Our B to B (business to business) services are available 24/7, 365 days a year.  Remote location?  No problem.  CanTalk’s language services can be conveniently accessed over the phone or on a mobile device no matter where in the world you happen to be.  

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Exchange District, CanTalk works with certified interpreters and translators from all over the world. We take great pride in being on the cutting edge of language services technology, and our work has been recognized locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Our trademark customization capabilities provide clients with great language usage flexibility, and individuals and businesses alike come to us with their specific language service requirements.  From personal communications to our wide range of inbound multilingual call centre services, our clients rely on us to communicate accurately and reliably on their behalf.  

CanTalk’s professionally certified Japanese translators are readily available to provide over-the-phone services, in-person interpretation, video interpretation, remote learning services, and much more. They come from various regions in Japan (as well as other parts of the world) and can support your specific regional dialect requirements.

Our Services & Expertise

CanTalk offers Japanese language services across a wide range of industries and for many different purposes. Whether you need business documents translated into Japanese, an over-the-phone interpreter to collect sensitive medical information, or Japanese subtitles added to marketing material for your eco-tourism business, CanTalk is up to the task.

CanTalk’s Japanese language services include, but aren’t limited to, written and voice translation services, voice-over and scripting services, interpretation services that include in-person, video, or over the phone, call centre support services, remote learning services, and more.

Pricing & Turnaround Time

Pricing for language services is highly situational and can vary significantly depending on client needs and target audience. To learn more about our competitive rates for Japanese language services, contact us directly for a customized quote.

At CanTalk, we’re well aware that language services are often time-sensitive in nature. We may be able to connect you with Japanese interpreters in as little as 30 seconds! To learn more about our turnaround times for Japanese translation services, it’s best to contact us directly.


Accurate Japanese translation services can be beneficial across many different industries. CanTalk’s high standards mean that we’re a go-to translation company you can trust under any circumstances:

  • LegalContracts, wills, trusts, leases, merger agreements, and more can be expediently handled by our expert team of Japanese translators. Need Japanese legal interpretation or court-related services? CanTalk can help.
  • Financial – Japanese interpretation for financial meetings and presentations can be easily arranged by video or in person. CanTalk also frequently translates financial documents, provides language services for financial consultations, and can produce certified translations upon request.
  • Life Sciences – Academic research, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology—not to mention healthcare—are all industries that frequently rely on high-quality Japanese translation services. Japanese to English or English to Japanese translations can be obtained at need from our technically trained language service providers.
  • MedicalFrom appointments to medical records or emergency situations, Can Talk’s professional Japanese translators are experienced in medical interpretation and translation services.  
  • Entertainment – Japanese subtitling, voice-overs, script translations, and live interpretation are all in high demand. CanTalk can help you access Japanese interpreters and translators who specialize in the unique language requirements of the entertainment industry.
  • BusinessOpen up your business to new marketplaces with Japanese language services such as in-person interpretation for meetings and presentations, website development, and round-the-clock document translation.
  • Hospitality & TravelHoping to attract more Japanese-speaking tourists to your business? CanTalk’s Japanese language services can set you on the right path.
  • GovernmentCanTalk has worked with many government agencies on everything from website development to diplomatic relations.

CanTalk’s professional Japanese language services can readily span the gap between you and your target audience. What are you waiting for? Reach out to us today!

Japanese Language Facts

  • Japanese is not directly related to any other languages and is considered one of the most unique languages on the planet.
  • Japan is the only country where Japanese is the official language. However, Japanese is spoken in many countries, including the U.S. (especially the states of Hawaii and California), Canada, Brazil, the Philippines, and the Republic of Palau.
  • Japanese is the 9th most spoken language worldwide but the 3rd most prevalent on the internet. There are more than 125 million native Japanese speakers!
  • Japanese involves 3 different systems of writing, known as hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Kanji uses Chinese characters but is not otherwise related to Chinese languages.
  • Unlike some east Asian languages, Japanese is not a tonal language, but intonation can still be an important factor in fluency.

Japanese Regions & Sub-Dialects

Though most Japanese dialects are mutually intelligible, the language has evolved differently in various regions of the country. The most widely spoken dialect is Tokyo-type Japanese, closely followed by the Kyoto-Osaka-type dialect. Other major dialects include Kyushu Japanese (from the island of Kyushu) and Okinawa Japanese (from the island of Okinawa).

Attention to the subtle differences between Japanese dialects can have a major impact on communication quality. When hiring Japanese interpretation or translation services, make sure to take regional dialects into account.

Are you seeking professional Japanese translation services that will enhance communication and convey your message with precision? CanTalk can help. Contact us today!