Hungarian Translation Services

With 13 million speakers worldwide, Hungarian is a unique language with nine mutually intelligible dialects spoken regionally. Known for its long words and flexible phrasing, it has a reputation for being one of the most complex and challenging languages in the world. Hungarian is primarily spoken in Hungary and some surrounding geographical areas but is also prevalent amongst Hungarian expatriates around the globe.

If you’re looking to expand your business into the Hungarian-speaking market, it will be absolutely necessary to ensure that you’re using the highest quality Hungarian interpretation and Hungarian translation services. Multiple levels of formality as well as a complicated grammatical structure are just two of the factors that make an intimate knowledge of the language vital.

At CanTalk, our highly experienced Hungarian language translators and interpreters are well aware of the regional variations and lexicon that will allow you to reach your target audience with precision. No matter the context or scope of your Hungarian language project, we’re confident that our team can handle it with skill and professionalism.

Who We Are

Located in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, CanTalk is a North American acclaimed language service company providing immediate language service. With easy language access and more than 25 years experience delivering the right language, on demand, to thousands of clients, we excel at helping you seamlessly integrate language services into your professional context. We help build trustful and lasting relationships with your clientele. CanTalk offers quality translation services in over 220 languages, and many of our services are available 24/7 and 365 days a year.

CanTalk’s pool of Hungarian translators and interpreters are highly trained, experienced, and meticulous. They must maintain professional certifications and their work is regularly vetted by our quality assurance team. With roots across Hungary, our professional Hungarian translators can accommodate language projects with regional specifications.

Our Services & Expertise

CanTalk offers a wide range of customized language services. These include:

At CanTalk, we’re language service innovators. Don’t see exactly what you want? Speak with us directly for a customized solution.

Pricing & Turnaround Time

CanTalk’s pricing is competitive with other high-quality language service providers. Because many factors influence the cost of language services, it’s best to contact us directly to get a quote for your Hungarian language project.

Likewise, turnaround time can vary based on the specifications of your project. At CanTalk, we’re well aware that language services are often time-sensitive and take pride in our quick services, which can range from less than a minute (for immediate interpretive services) to a few hours or days (for translation services). For a customized time estimate, please contact us directly.


  • LegalFrom live court proceedings to legal documents, our professional Hungarian translators are familiar with a wide range of Hungarian legal language services.
  • MedicalWhen a loved one is in need, immediate translation services can literally make a life or death impact.  Available 24/7, Can Talk’s medical language services can support patients in a variety of settings.  
  • Financial – Hungarian translations of financial documents, reports, and communications are all standard for our language services team. Need a live interpreter familiar with financial terminology? CanTalk can provide one.
  • Life Sciences – Technical translation services are critical for life science industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to academic research.
  • Entertainment – Professional translation is fundamental to reaching a wider audience. Hungarian subtitles, voice-overs, script translations, and more can help you to attain your entertainment industry goals.
  • BusinessCanTalk’s certified translators can help you build lasting business connections. Consider the benefits of live interpretation for product, information, and billing inquiries, meetings, presentations, or conferences!
  • Hospitality & TravelFrom travel brochures to guided tours, expand your hospitality and travel business into the Hungarian-speaking sector.
  • GovernmentThe language needs of governments and government agencies are vast and varied. CanTalk can assist with everything from website design to interviews to recruitment. Certified translations are available upon request.

Looking to expand your business in meaningful new directions? Trust CanTalk to help you reach the Hungarian marketplace, wherever it’s located.

Hungarian Translation Tips

Translation Text Expansion

Some people feel that English is a wordy language, but Hungarian is much more so! On average, text expands by approximately 35% when translated from English to Hungarian (and reduces by the same amount when translated from Hungarian to English). This is important to keep in mind for any digital or physical text translation where formatting is a factor.

Language Complexity

Hungarian is considered one of the most challenging languages to master. The complexity of Hungarian grammar, multiple levels of formality, and flexible phrasing are just some of the factors that underscore the need for Hungarian translation work to be handled with the utmost skill and attention to detail. At CanTalk, our highly qualified Hungarian translators and interpreters are intimately familiar with the nuances of both English and Hungarian. We’re confident that they can help you forge a trusting relationship with your target audience, no matter the context.

Hungarian Language Facts

  • Approximately 10.4 million people speak Hungarian as their mother tongue—mostly in Hungary and the surrounding geographical regions.
  • In Hungarian, the language is known as Magyar, which also refers to the Hungarian people.
  • Though Hungary’s neighbouring countries all speak Indo-European languages, Hungarian’s roots are actually Asian. Hungarian belongs to the Finno-Ugric language group and is most similar to Finnish and Estonian.
  • Hungarian has 14 different vowels and its longest word has 44 letters!
  • In Hungarian, people are always introduced by their surname first and their given name second. After introductions, however, people are addressed by their given names.

Don’t let your message get lost in translation. Trust CanTalk’s superior Hungarian language services to do justice to your language project!