Dutch Translation Services

With 23 million native speakers worldwide, Dutch is a diverse and far-reaching language with outstanding potential to help you to expand into new marketplaces. Dutch is similar to English in many ways, but this can be a double-edged sword: Dutch translators must be acutely aware of the similarities as well as the differences that do fundamentally separate the English and Dutch languages.

With two distinct levels of formality, long compound words, and over 200 recognized regional dialects, it’s no wonder that Dutch translation services require a high level of skill and accuracy. A quality Dutch translator must be able to distinguish and put together grammatically correct phrasing that will resonate with specific regional audiences. Cultural awareness is also crucial.

At CanTalk, we work with excellent Dutch translators who have proven their ability to provide effective language services over time. Whether you’re looking for assistance with Dutch contracts or legal documents or need to translate Dutch curriculum materials into English, CanTalk can provide top-quality service that will leave you (and your clients) completely satisfied.

Who We Are

CanTalk is a Winnipeg-based language service provider that has been recognized nationally and internationally for its cutting-edge integrative applications and flexible language options. With thousands of interpreters and translators serving clients in more than 220 languages, we’re one of the foremost real-time voice-to-voice language service providers in Canada. For the past 25 years, businesses in a wide range of industries have relied on our services to expand and communicate effectively. Looking for professional Dutch translation services? You’ve come to the right place.

CanTalk offers English-to-Dutch or Dutch-to-English translation services. Our certified Dutch translators are well-versed in different regional dialects and can tailor their services to the scope and specifications of your particular project. The quality of their work is regularly vetted and assessed by our stringent quality assurance team.

Our Services & Expertise

CanTalk offers a wide range of Dutch translation services. Our professional translators and interpreters are available to assist you at any hour of the day or night. CanTalk specializes in customized language solutions that will integrate seamlessly into your professional environment. Some of our most popular services include: Immediate Over-the-Phone Interpretation, In-Person Interpretation, Remote Video Interpretation (VRI), Call Centre Services, Voice-Overs, Translation Services, Remote Learning, and more.

Pricing & Turnaround Time

While some language service agencies provide a flat rate for translation services, at CanTalk we believe that every project is unique. Accordingly, it is best to contact us directly to discuss your specific Dutch language needs and receive a tailor-made quote. Rest assured that our rates are competitive with other top-tier language service agencies.

Language services are inherently time sensitive, and at CanTalk we do everything possible to meet your time-based requirements. Many of our services are available 24/7, 7 days a week, and we can often connect with an interpreter in under one minute. Translation services can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on a variety of factors.


  • LegalCanTalk’s professional Dutch translators are capable of handling all of your legal industry language needs—from contracts to courtroom proceedings and everything in between.
  • Medical Medical language services can involve critical hospital decisions, the translation of medical records, or communications about symptoms and patient care.  Can Talk’s professional Japanese language translators are experienced in a wide variety of medical settings and assignments.
  • FinancialTranslating financial reports and documents is a fundamental task for CanTalk’s language service team.
  • Life SciencesFrom academic research to medical technology, Dutch language translation services can help you to collaborate, communicate, and move ahead with your goals.
  • EntertainmentScript translation, voice-overs, subtitling, and more can help you bring your entertainment industry visions to life.
  • BusinessAn in-person Dutch interpreter can make product and information inquiry calls, on and off-site meetings, presentations, and conferences easily accessible for all stakeholders. As a full service language centre CanTalk helps businesses accelerate their marketing objectives with customized services for regional demographics, specific business needs and multi-ethnic market bases.
  • Hospitality & TravelWebsite development, travel guide design, and travel insurance services are all examples of hospitality industry projects that can benefit from high-quality Dutch translation services.
  • GovernmentCanTalk’s Dutch translators and interpreters can assist governments and government agencies with everything from hiring to diplomatic relations to everyday front-line client questions and support services.

CanTalk’s certified and experienced Dutch language translators can help you expand into new industries and marketplaces. For professional translation services, contact us today!

Dutch Translation Tips

Translation Text Expansion

Dutch has long words and is known for its descriptive phrasing. Therefore, it’s common for text to expand when translated from English to Dutch (and contract when translated from Dutch to English). It’s important to keep this in mind when formatting text-based projects.

Formal Vs. Informal Speech

Dutch is spoken in two distinct formats: formal (u) and informal (je). While most translation projects have traditionally been written formally, there is a current trend toward writing Dutch content less formally to make it more friendly and accessible. When hiring Dutch translation services, be sure to discuss the level of formality you wish to achieve for your project.

Popular Dutch Translation Phrases & Words

  • Goedemorgen = Good Morning
  • Goedenavond = Good Evening
  • Alstublieft/Alsjeblieft = Please
  • Dank u wel/Dank je wel = Thank You
  • Graag gedaan = You’re Welcome
  • Sorry = Sorry
  • Ja = Yes
  • Nee = No
  • Hoe gaat het? = How are you?

Dutch Language Facts

  • The Netherlands is the only country where Dutch is the sole official language. That being said, it’s claimed as one of the official languages in eight other nations, including Belgium, Suriname, and Aruba.
  • 23 million people speak Dutch worldwide.
  • Dutch has over 200 distinct regional dialects! (Fortunately, only four of them are major dialects.)
  • The longest Dutch word has 35 letters! It is meervoudigepersoonlijkheidsstoornis and means Multiple Personality Disorder.
  • Many Dutch words do not have an equivalent English translation. Dutch is a highly unique and descriptive language!

Dutch Regions & Dialects

Dutch has over 200 regional dialects spread across the globe. While most of them can be classified under the larger umbrellas of four main dialects, that’s still a lot of variation! Dutch translators must be very skilled and knowledgeable about the language’s different variations to ensure that communications come across with the proper vocabulary and nuance.

For professional Dutch translation services that will exceed your expectations, reach out to us at CanTalk today!