If you are going global, assumptions can be risky. To truly have customers relate to your products and services – it is important to speak their language, differentiate the dialects, and recognize cultural nuances.

CanTalk can provide two-way conversations with a live interpreter on the line to ensure your message is understood and that you understand your customer.

Having a language at hand like a trusted piece of luggage or your laptop – adding comfort and peace of mind to your business engagements.

CanTalk can be anywhere you are with the right language!

We offer specific language packages and solutions for businesses:

  • expanding into international markets
  • with multilingual customers
  • needing support to develop overseas business relations.

WORLD WAYS - CanTalk’s Customized Global Service for Business

  • 200+ available languages and dialects for over-the-phone language services and in-language customer service support; region specific
  • “White” label client branding to add value and extend client services
  • Toll free unified numbers for nearly 40 countries
  • Multi-party conference call support
  • Project set-up and ongoing language management for small, medium, large businesses
  • Language applications and specialists to support client products and services
  • Overnight calling to Europe and Asia
  • Security and data protection
  • Real time reporting
  • Document translation for market entry to market maturity by professional translators ensures accuracy of essential linguistic and cultural nuances specific to each country
  • Over-the-phone cultural Do’s and Don’ts and country advice service
  • Language usage and marketing reports as required
  • In-language voice prompts and recordings

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