We can help as you plan ahead!

You can pre-book your interpretation over-the-phone call up to two weeks in advance of the call date. On the day of the call, just call into CanTalk using your assigned 1-800 number, provide your CIN number and the live Language Service Facilitator will connect you to your interpreter.

  • Travel restrictions mean that people will be gathered through a conference bridge to discuss the details of a new project. Not all of the people who are participating speak the same language. In this case the need is for a particular Arabic dialect. You want to make certain that need is met.
  • The parents of a child, who is having difficulty transitioning from his home country is acting out in school. He misses his grandparents. There needs to be complete understanding by and of everyone in their own language. The school officials want to make certain that everything is in place for this very important discussion.
Pre-Booked Interpretation

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