CanTalk specializes in on demand language and cultural services 24 hours a day by phone, on-site, VRI and the Net.

Immediate interpretation over the phone (IOP) is effectively and quickly implemented through linking our in-house multilingual resources, as well as our network of interpreters across Canada and the United States.

We have been providing interpretation and translation services for over 25 years.

With in-house telecom and technical know-how, CanTalk continues to excel in providing interpreting services:

  • 200+ languages and dialects, including French Canadian and Indigenous
  • Connect time matching the service level requirements of your customer expectations - 10 seconds, 30 seconds, less than a minute
  • 2000+ professional and accredited interpreters
  • Country specific interpreters
  • Skill specific interpreters as clients require
  • Broad interpretation experience across many disciplines
  • Fully vetted interpreters for criminal background checks, and drug tested where applicable
  • Rigorous recruiting standards, ongoing testing and training

Easy to Use

Dial the provided toll free number

A dedicated or shared toll free number will be provided to you when you join CanTalk.

Provide your 4 digit CIN

Provide the 4 digit CIN number assigned to your business or department.

Request your language

Request your required language from the language facilitator.

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Multiple Business Models Available


Standard Model

Need an easy to use, rapid deployed language service solution? CanTalk's standard model was designed specifically for this task.  Once your business has contracted with CanTalk, you will be provided with a toll free phone number and you will have access to over 2000+ interpreters, spanning over 200+ languages, most within 60 seconds or less.
Standard Model

Direct to Interpreter Model

CanTalk recognizes that no single solution fits every customer the same way.  CanTalk's Direct to Interpreter model allows your customers to contact one of our professional interpreters directly as a first point of contact. The CanTalk interpreter can then bring a representative from your business online.
Direct to Interpret Model

Multiple Service Types Available



A CanTalk interpreter is available within 15 to 75 seconds.


Interpretation calls are booked 2 hours to 2 weeks in advance.

In-Language Customer Service

Customized services are provided in-language.

CanTalk provides the following services 24/7/365 days a year in several language applications. Clients may choose from 3 different types of interpretation services:

Immediate Over-the-Phone (IOP) Interpretation Services

CanTalk can provide interpretation services and quick connect features to clients and Interpreters in the languages specified by the client. These languages are selected from the 200+ languages that CanTalk offers.

For calls within North America, for example, a customized toll free telephone number is used to access CanTalk’s language services. When a client requires language assistance, the toll free number is called. The request is received by a CanTalk agent, who conferences an Interpreter directly to the client.

With the CanTalk Client Identification Number (CIN) system, language service calls can be tracked:

  • by region
  • individual sites
  • customer usage

Not only can a client’s customer call be directly received and tracked, language requirements may also be serviced in an audio conference mode. Calls may be directed through the CanTalk language service centre or through the existing toll free number, terminating at the CanTalk contact centre.

Special inbound and outbound links can be set up to handle the calls requiring language services in a seamless, as well as, a branded manner.

Pre-Booked Service

The most economically rated service, pre-booked service can be used for all those situations where the need for language service is known in advance.

In-Language Customer Service

Through this service offering, CanTalk provides the full customer service experience, branded or not – as per client direction. This means that CanTalk clients have access to CanTalk’s complete customized service provision – customer service, order taking, tech support to name, but a few of the services – all of which can be completed in English, or any spoken language or group of languages as determined by the client.

It is also very important to note that the initial package of services and languages which is chosen by the client can evolve as the business and language requirements change, so too, can the services that are provided.

CanTalk’s Language Service Specialists are trained to respond to all customer service situations as required by the client. These specialist gather all relevant information and responds as trained/scripted.

Role of the Interpreter

  • The role of the over-the-phone language Interpreter is that of an impartial participant who interprets the original speech – passing that information in the appropriate language between two parties – ensuring that both parties are provided with the specific information offered by the other party in the appropriate language.
  • Interpreters are not to volunteer information (offering opinions or providing suggestions) to anyone during the interpretation process. They are also not to summarize, paraphrase or condense in a way that changes the meaning of the original text.
  • Interpreting to the best of the Interpreter’s ability may also mean interrupting the speaker, if the speaker has spoken past a period of time the Interpreter believes is beyond what he/she can accurately remember and faithfully render. Note taking is encouraged to ensure accuracy. To maintain confidentiality, the Interpreter destroys his/her notes following the completion of the interpretation, unless there is an indication from the client that the interpreter will be asked to participate in a follow-up call.
  • The call should conclude with both parties having received information in the language which they individually comprehend, in a manner which is professional and excels at customer service delivery.
  • Interpreters are the vehicles of communication, not the source of information. They interpret the words they are asked to interpret, and ensure that the original source message is faithfully rendered into the target language.

To achieve communication excellence the Interpreter must possess the following skills:

  • Native language proficiency.
  • Mastery of English skills.
  • Certification/accreditation and areas of specialization.
  • Professional letters of commendation.
  • Articulation.
  • Listening skills.
  • Professional mannerisms.
  • Exemplary customer service skills.
  • Adherence to Code of Ethics and Non-Disclosure.

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