Party Calling across North America and Beyond

It’s family gatherings on the phone!

CanTalk is pleased to introduce a new service that makes calling and talking voice-to-voice, a connecting pleasure and party!  Our service is not a ZOOM or SKYPE equivalent. And it’s not texting. Not by a long shot.

Instead we’ve taken the tech out of talk! We’ve made party lines fashionable again - with competitive call rates and no stress. And we’ve stepped it up a notch!

With CheepTalk you don’t have to worry about pass codes, user names, having a laptop or computer at hand.

Talking to friends, family, loved ones as easy as just picking up the phone. Except we do it all for you.  CheepTalk provides end-to-end service before the call, during the call and at the end of the call.

CheepTalk is available 24/7 across North America:

  • We set up your call
  • Message all parties participating on the call
  • Make the call to all your parties. Ideal for parties of 2 or more - 10, 15 or 20! It’s family or friends gathering on the phone
  • Guide you through the call
  • Check with you at the end of the call

CheepTalk – Now you and your party can just talk!


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