Notice to All School Divisions – How Can you Support your Teachers and Families to Ensure Accurate Communication in Today’s New Reality?

COVID-19 has dramatically changed teaching routines, as parents juggle the options of in-school and home school lessons for their children. Conducting lessons remotely is now a new classroom for many teachers.

Make CanTalk’s immediate language support part of your everyday remote connection.

Within 60 seconds, live over-the-phone access to languages can make this teaching adjustment so much easier. CanTalk offers over 200+ languages, including Indigenous languages.


  • Your teachers face new challenges as they help parents teach their children the information contained in the materials and workbooks provided. Some teachers will be dealing with parents whose first language is not English, and would be more comfortable speaking in their first language.
  • Rules regarding wearing face masks and social distancing are evolving. To keep students and parents up-to-date there is nothing more basic than being able to understand what’s being said.

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