The touchstone for every insurance-based industry is dependability and responsiveness.

Life is never a bowl of cherries. When customers come to you it’s because they believe you have the safety net when the going gets rough.

When the equipment fails, the fires consume and the losses seem insurmountable, CanTalk offers you both insurance translation services and insurance interpretation services so you can speak to all your customers when they need you in a timely manner, or as they are trying to make difficult choices to protect themselves.


  • A provincial crown corporation provides universal auto insurance to motorists. It is responsible for driver licensing, vehicle licensing, and registration. Customers throughout the province call to submit accident or insurance claims, follow up on existing claims, ask about licensing and to inquire about policies. The multilingual background of the majority of this province’s residents require immediate service in their language of choice. As a crown corporation considering the options of how to best serve its constituents, it needs to maintain a reliable responsive and scalable language service and safeguard confidentiality as well. Providing predictability when the weather isn’t.
  • A new flat screen television seems to have inherent setup difficulties, customers are not happy.
  • A change to a long standing and much depended upon warranty support program, means call centre staff are needing to respond.

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