As a school, in all probability the curriculum, rules and regulations are standardized for your community and region.

This can present a real challenge as new families move into the area where children from different parts of the globe have to quickly adapt to new educational surroundings. That’s intimidating and it can be overwhelming to children and families alike.

Providing language support whether as a guidance counsellor or as a teacher trying to communicate can be daunting without initial language support. CanTalk not only provides the right language as it’s needed, we also are sensitive to the nuances associated with each culture.


  • It’s orientation day at university. The foreign student program has brought in many new students. They are made to feel welcome and understand expectations with language service assistance.
  • Three children of newcomers are having varying degrees of success in their new school.  A parent-teacher meeting which includes language services will support both the parents and the teacher.

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