For business needs in the domestic marketplace who serve customers or clients in a language other than English or French, either in a real time, or via voice mail or e-mail. 

CanTalk provides customer care services that facilitate ongoing customer activities, such as billing inquiries, help lines, new product/service or promotional initiatives and assortment of contact centre activities.



  • Language service can be offered as interpretation over the phone for contact centers whose agents may be engaged in both domestic ethnic marketing campaigns and international telemarketing. 
  • Full service labeled turnkey language services that can be interfaced to an existing call center service.
  • Contact centres can fulfill their campaigns or specific language requirements as an 7/24overflow service to CanTalk language service agents as back-up service for a contact centre’s peaks and valleys. 


  • Branded operator and customer care services for call completion and caller assistance resolving product and technical issues.
  • Customer Care Services that include On Demand language responses to caller’s product inquiries, problem resolution and escalation processes.
  • Frontline identification of network problems, carrier issues or platform problems for customers products and services.
  • Immediate Language Services IOP( Interpretation Over the Phone)
  • Provision of CanTalk’s languages service portfolio of language applications and services branded for the customers
  • Account maintenance 
  • IVR voice prompts in all languages
  • Scripted queue announcements. 
  • Music on-hold or in queue for callers waiting for service representatives.
  • Message announcements for service interruptions
  • Trouble referrals & escalation
  • In-Language Contact Centre Customer and Operator Services
  • Order taking and the creation of customer care records
  • Branded Customer care
  • Billing inquiries  
  • First line of support (help line) service including product, pricing and other basic information


  • Enables ethnic customer service
  • An immediate solution to language requirements
  • A rapid solution for unpredictable peak volumes
  • Allows contact centres to fulfill customer service across all demographic areas served
  • Allows contact centres to be more competitive
  • Helps contact centres stay competitive and expand their service offerings
  • A cost savings and quality approach to enhance contact centre service offerings
  • Helps contact centres present full service solutions to their clients