THAT at the very core, the preservation of language and culture is essential to our intrinsic well-being. It provides to each of us an identity, the baseline of perpetual growth and learning. It does not divide us, rather it unites us. Diversity is humanity.

THAT nature and humanity are inextricably bound. They should not be separated or treated as disparate units to be disregarded or disrespected. We are not just earthlings inhabiting a planet. We are humans sharing a planet respectfully and equally. Rights do not just belong to humans.

THAT in these distressing times where losses on a global scale of species and environment are eroding our planetary health, we firmly support organizations that are bravely trying to reestablish the balance of life. Coexistence in the truest sense of the word.

CanTalk stands shoulder to shoulder with those organizations working every day to preserve an ecological and environmental space for everything and everyone – plants, animals and humans, all as one, under one biosphere that is our collective home.

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