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We are pleased to offer this story selected for November 2022.


Story Introduction

Advocating for CanTalk for over 20 years, Jasjit is a great example where a community can thrive when language is not a barrier but a means to nourish growth within a growing society.

Jasjit's Story


My name is Jasjit K. and I have been working with CanTalk Canada for 20 years now as a Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu interpreter. I was living in Winnipeg when I started working for CanTalk Canada and eventually an opportunity came my way to work from home 24/7 . I did many projects in Punjabi and Hindi for voice over recordings and interpretation assignments.

I always felt close to home and proud to help my community members in the language they are proficient in. I thank CanTalk Canada for providing this great platform to all and it is one of the best when it comes to selection of language provisions to all. They strive for accuracy and make us all better in our role.

I have also promoted Punjabi language in radio shows, TV and recent workshops in Punjabi language on Saffron hub Facebook live; first time in Canada.

When I was a student, Punjabi was my first language and Hindi was the second language taught in school. These two were always my favourite subjects and I used to have perfect scores.  I was the teacher’s favourite and now I know why. I was born to take pride in my linguistic abilities.

My dad was a news editor for a renowned newspaper "The Punjabi Tribune".  You can say I was born with a silver spoon that had Punjabi writing on it. We are all born to give something to society in some way. I am sure you all are doing your part. I am doing mine with my languages - reaching out to masses through CanTalk Canada.

Best people, best company - CanTalk Canada! I salute you for this awesome opportunity for all language interpreters and I love talking in Punjabi, Hindi and helping out all who need it .

It is never too late to learn languages and I hope to learn more in my lifetime.

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