As each language is unique, every interpreter behind that language, equally, has a unique story to share. Welcome to The Many Faces of Languages - a forum of thoughtful sharing and discovery.

We are pleased to offer this story selected for April 2022.

Marco B.

Story Introduction

Marco knows all too well that the human connection made as an interpreter is a powerful driver that can overcome natural barriers of culture and dialects. He experiences that transformation every day working on the front lines as an interpreter.

Marco's Story

One of the most rewarding things of working for CanTalk is that I really feel like I can make a difference in a person’s life. Helping patients to accurately convey their symptoms to their doctor, or understanding their diagnosis or treatment options, helping someone understand their rights in court, explaining someone how they can benefit from long term care services is so rewarding to the point that, after each conversation, I can’t stop thinking about these stories. Even though I am unable to offer my own opinion or advice, the level of human connection established during the calls is so intense that it feels like I am becoming their voice. I was born in Italy, moved to Canada 12 years ago and spent one year working in Australia. Learning new languages, getting used to different cultures, dialects and accents is not an easy thing and can create lots of anxiety when you are not able to communicate your thoughts and concerns. I feel so happy and fulfilled when I can assist people to facilitate the communication while breaking all language barriers. Thank you CanTalk for this tremendous opportunity.

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