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Story Introduction

Hasti’s story shows us that perseverance is the key to her language learning success. Her struggles with the English language were overcome at every obstacle and perfected to become the interpreter she is today.

Hasti's Story


This is Hasti and I started studying English when I was 4. My mom registered me in an English learning institution which I had to participate in classes 3 days a week. I cannot really remember the first sessions I took but I know I could read and write in English sooner than my native one which was Farsi (Persian). In Farsi, we write from right to left. So, for first grade, I had so much trouble keeping that in mind, and I used to write all my homework from left to right.

I was doing good in English until I came upon grammar, and that is when I felt like I couldn’t understand anything. We technically start learning grammar in third grade and we had not reached that point yet. That was when English became my Everest, and I kept failing classes. I had a hard time in classes, especially when all my friends had quit, and I was the youngest one in the class at the age of 8. All my classmates were older than 16.

I couldn’t keep going and I quit too, at the age of 10. Thinking of coming all this way and quitting was hard for me. I was kind of used to going to class every other day after school and it felt like something was not there.

At the age of 14, I finally had access to English music. That was when I started getting into English again. I registered for English classes again and after a quick placement test, I was put in a class of people my own age. I started enjoying classes again. When I turned 16, I had access to movies and series and that was the peak of my learning. I remember using some words in the way that the series characters say. Like saying “I know” in the way Monica (from the series “Friends”) says it.

When I was done with my classes, and I graduated from my institution, it was a bummer. That was when my Dad informed us that we are immigrating, and I needed to get an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) for that matter. So, I got back on track and participated in IELTS classes. It was a private class, but you know, I was happy with it.

I enjoy speaking English. In my home country, no one took me, an 18-year-old girl, seriously to give me a job in that area. So, I started to translate movie/series subtitles for free for my own sake. It was time consuming, but I liked it. Although I started working for a website, the money was no good. I just enjoyed translating and learning new expressions.

The day I got hired at CanTalk, I treated my family with a dinner.

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